The products that we manufacture and those we export are cross-checked before the final delivery. Our focus is to keep up with international quality standards at all times. Our Motto Is To Save Water, germ-free, sparkling clean sanitary ware not only adds glitz to your bathroom but is also engineered to save water. In each of the water closets, water flushes with minimum, thus the consumption of water is less and effectively serves our motto to conserve water and save the earth.

Graceful lines, impeccable curves and flawless finish – that’s what Mark Ceramics for Sanitary ware is all about. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Wash Basins with Pedestal, Wash Basins, Under Counter Wash Basins, Top Counter Wash Basins, Platform Wash Basins, Urinals, Water Closets, European Water Closets with Cistern, Bidets, Squatting Pans, Bath Room Accessories, Rustic Collections, Printed Collections, etc.

Product Range :

  • Pedestal Wash Basin
  • Wall Hung Wash Basin
  • Platform Wash Basin
  • Counter Wash Basin
  • Closets
  • Urinals
  • Squatting Pans
  • Wall Hang
  • One Piece Suite

Our Quality:

These are available in vibrant colors, expressing comfort and luxury for modern bathrooms in households as well as the commercial sectors. We have a particular collection under the brand name ‘MARK’, which has made a powerful market presence through an extensive network of distributors. Our mission is to enhance comfort in homes and improve quality of life through technologically advanced sanitary ware while following the concept of water conservation.

Our factories are fully equipped with the latest technology and stuffed by highly experienced professionals how are also fully integrated team-workers,working single-mindedly as one, thier sole aims to produce the very best. We believe very strongly that team work is an essential back up to individual creativity and inspiration, so as to insure a finished product of the very highest order.

Premium quality :

  • Help in water conservation
  • On time delivery
  • Sound infrastructural facility
  • Cost effective solutions
  • New age designs