Wel-Come To Mark Ceramics

Mark Ceramic has been manufacturing quality sanitary ware products for many year. Our ceramic products undergo stringent quality test hence bringing you the ornamental quality. Mark a name that know not just in India but across the world, as the regular bathroom favorite. For its designs, shades and lasting value. Our creations of clay have been exported to many countries.

These are available in vibrant colors, expressing comfort and luxury for modern bathrooms in households as well as the commercial sectors. We have a particular collection under the brand name ‘MARK’, which has made a powerful market presence through an extensive network of distributors. Our mission is to enhance comfort in homes and improve quality of life through technologically advanced sanitary ware while following the concept of water conservation. Bathroom is an intimate space and with changing times, newer concepts are evolving as far as its decoration, plus accessories are concerned. Most urban homes are quickly supplementing the traditional mug and functional bucket with newer items. An international research study shows that people spend at least half-an-hour a day in the bathroom and that they want this space to reflect a cozy atmosphere. The sanitary ware industry is placed at Rs. 70 core in terms of value.